al fanaralfanar is primarily engaged in manufacturing wide range of low, medium, and high voltage electrical products, EPC solutions and other allied engineering and designing services

alfanar with its HO in alfanar industrial city in Riaydh, Saudi Arabia, a vast industrial city, has its operations spread across the globe, many countries in Europe, Africa, Asia, and Middle East.

alfanar electrical products category has a very wide range of product mix from wires and cables to metal boxes and enclosures to distribution boards to transformers, lighting, switches & sockets to erecting grids and substations.

alfanar products are made under stringent quality control that meets to many international standards and certification. With many product lines and turn-key solutions across the globe distributors are appointed that cater to the needs of varied needs of the customer, contractor, public sector, government etc.

Al Saleh Enterprises, Oman is the one of distributor for alfanar load center and metal enclosures. The DB’s are type tested and made to IEC standards with a wide range from 4 way to 12 way in SPN and 6 way to 16 way in TPN

Al Saleh Enterprises, Oman carries the full range of alfanar DB’s including the branch breakers (MCB’s) that range from 6A to 60A.

With alfanar products Al Saleh Enterprises, Oman being one of the strategic channel partners in the region caters to wide range of customer base in Oman spread across the country.