LeggeroLeggero:  “Light for Life” is the lively and powerful brand promise that reflects the essence of Leggero . It is all about joy, emotion & that extra touch of flair needed to exceed mediocrity. A home brings harmony into our lives, but what would it be without lighting? To accomplish this harmony, the Leggero collection presents a rich & stylish, modern assortment of fashionable & contemporary lighting products.

Leggero’s latest collection offers even more than the wide choices, great quality, & value for money, so if you are looking to light your premises with quality luminaries at an affordable price with as little efforts as possible, Leggero is the brand you need. With the European style & build quality, Leggero is the convenient lighting brand you can trust. It meets all safety regulations and standards. Leggero luminaries, ensure high quality and reliable light for years and years. Leggero is available in wide range of utility and decorative designs for home, commercial and outdoor lighting, each perfectly suited to its purpose.

Simple designs for your home

Tailored to your needs, our lights from the basic concept optimally complement your living style and ensure a pleasant ambience. You do not need an elaborate design, but simply acclimatize with their balanced light image.

Indoor lights for your home from Leggero:

Every room deserves the perfect lighting and it can be very different. From the more functional light in the kitchen or the office to the decorative lamp with atmospheric light in the living room.  We offer lights in a wide range of designs and with different functions in our range. Leggero offers the perfect light for the bathroom, kitchen, hall, living room and bedroom.

Outdoor lights from Leggero :

The reliable companion when you come home, a cozy light for a summer evening in the garden – outdoor lighting and many more can give you these comforts only. Our range for outdoor lighting offers you a variety of lights for your home: wall lights, floor lights, ceiling lights, pendant lights, recessed lights, ground spikes.

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