BG Electrical Ltd, a leading manufacturer of Electrical Wiring Accessories from the UK organized a seminar for electricians in Sur area on 6th Mar 2011. The seminar was part of the larger initiative to bring more awareness on BG switches and its features. BG Electrical Ltd is a quality oriented global manufacturing company.

Al Saleh Enterprises LLC, is  exclusive  distributor of BG switches  in the sultanate of Oman and stocks all the items. Al Saleh has wide distribution network in whole of Oman and known for its customer service.

Seminar was delivered by Brand Manager of BG, Mr. Salman Khalid and many officials of Al Saleh took active part in making the seminar a success. BG is a widely recognized brand and has an extensive range of electrical accessories including white moulded accessories, high end metallic screw less flat plate switches in various finish and brass switches with classic rope edge design and all the products are certified up to the relevant British Standards.