arkos lighting Arkos Lighting : Light flows through our veins. For more than three decades, time itself has borne witness to our commitment to creating an enormous range of lighting solutions. Day after day, we endeavour to bring you the best possible luminaires. Our products are meticulously researched, incorporate the cutting edge of technology, boast outstanding designs and meet the most demanding targets in terms of quality.

Arkoslight luminaires never stop evolving to always be at the avant-garde in terms of concepts such as LED life expectancy, thermal management of light sources, chromatic consistency between all the units produced of the same model, faithful colour rendering, or the improvement of the lumen/watt ratio, among many other factors.

Arkoslight submits its products to a constant evolution, for them always to remain at the cutting-edge of design, technique and progress, continuously updated its components.

Just as sunlight constantly pursues the unobtainable horizon, our drive towards constant and endless betterment will never falter. We have no ultimate goal because our horizon is the same today as it will be tomorrow and forever: light itself. We strive to capture its natural essence and transform it into the best human creation we are capable of producing. Because we want to accompany you and illuminate the objects around you, those that – sometimes – make all the difference.

Research, development and innovation are the three basic pillars to achieve differentiated, ground-breaking and reference products that satisfy our customers’ needs, more than any other.

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