Al Saleh enterprise started in Souq Muttrah by a young Omani entrepreneur who had the courage and vision to start a business with limited resources. What started as a small shop in Souq Muttrah succeeded over the years and became one of the leading enterprises in Oman. Today, Al Saleh has a highly experienced team, a wide network of dealers locally and regionally, a number of showrooms across Oman, and a record of outstanding projects for individuals, businesses, and the government.

Chairman Message

“We take pride in being one of the pioneer lighting and electrical accessories firms in Oman established as early as 1974, having achieved remarkable growth over the last four decades and contributing significantly to the development of Oman. We aim to strike a balance between price and service. Prices that are affordable to the end users without compromising on the quality and services that gave complete solutions.

The Company has attained excellence as a leader in the field of providing lighting solution through competence, competitiveness and timely delivery with highest quality standards and recognized safety performance. With this aim and strive to take Al Saleh to greater heights and achievements in all the markets. We have also started focusing on capturing and tapping global market.”