NOVOLUX Lighting  

novolux ilghtingGRUPO NOVOLUX was founded to offer a broad range of technical and aesthetic solutions to lighting requirements. Established in 1981, the Group has established a proven record in the lighting industry and

has become one of the major suppliers on the Iberian Peninsula, its primary market. In the last few years GRUPO NOVOLUX has extended its scope of action to the rest of the world, initially offering services through its CRISTHER and DOPO brands with outdoor lighting products, and more recently with solutions for indoor architectural projects through EXO LIGHTING. Together, these three brands constitute a complete, global range capable of providing the answer to any type of lighting situation.

After 35 years of travel, our commitment and passion remain the same, reflecting and shaping the path of light. 60 engaged professionals and lovers of light, including engineers, architects and technicians to help you in your next lighting projects. We work with a local team to light up the whole world thanks to a stable cooperation with a solid established network of local partners and distributors in Europe, the Middle East, Latin America, Africa and Asia, obtaining an international presence in more than 40 countries.

Since 1981 designing, developing and providing quality contemporary lighting in Barcelona, ​​integrating a team of professionals specialized in industrial design and R&D, to which the external collaborations of designers are added.

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