“British General (BG)” is a leading brand of Electrical wiring accessories from the UK. Starting from a small beginning around a decade ago, BG has developed a respectable brand equity among the leading consultants, contractors and ministries across the sultanate of Oman. Al Saleh Enterprises LLC has helped the brand establish in the sultanate with its dedicated and well chalked out efforts. Al Saleh Enterprises LLC has been exclusively marketing the brand “BG” through its well established network of dealers, a dedicated project sales team and seven strategically located showrooms.
During the month of January 2010, BG provided t-shirts to all the seven showroom’s staffs and BG embroidered scarfs to showrooms’ female members. Staffs from CBD and Al Hail showrooms can be seen wearing t-shirts on Thursdays of the week.
Al Saleh’s CBD Showroom Staff wearing BG t-shirts.
Al Saleh’s Al Hail Showroom Staff wearing BG t-shirts.