AL SALEH ENTERPRISES LLC agent of HAYASHI Fans, organized Electricians Meet on Thursday the 24th February in Luzugh, Sumail.  Hayashi Fans, widely known in Oman and UAE market for Ceiling and Ventilating Fans is becoming a hot selling brand in its segment. The latest model Ceiling and Ventilating fans displayed in the venue enabled Electricians to have the closer look. Later on a detailed technical explanation of the products were demonstrated by Hayashi Engineer Mr Suleman Ali Raza, thus offering Electricians in-sight knowledge of the products.  Approximately 50 people attended Hayashi Fans Electrician Meet. To encourage the audience quiz was conducted and spontaneous response was duly awarded with attractive gifts. This was the 27th Electrician’s Meet organized by Al Saleh Enterprises and they are planning to continue such events throughout the Sultanate of Oman. The meet was followed by Dinner and gifts were also distributed to one and all.

Electricians acknowledged the superior quality and affordability of Hayashi products, they appreciated and thanked Al Saleh Team for sharing valuable information with them and applauded for the useful and creditable piece of knowledge gained in the meet. Gathering was resounding success. 

Mr Sreekanth –Sales Supervisor, Mr Arif – Sales Executive and Mr. Nasir Khalfan – PRO took active part in the meet.